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2014 Dates
Dec 4-8 2013
Jan 8-12
Feb 5-9
Mar 5-9
April 2-6
May 7-11
June 4-8
July 2-6
Aug 6-10
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Wed 3-7
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10% Off Most Items on Sundays

25 creative vendors come together once a month for 5 days, in order to showcase and sell their unique treasures.

Staged in and around a large Victorian 2-story house, one can shop for affordable and ever-changing:

Antiques & vintage finds
Painted furniture
Garden items
Home & cabin decor
Architectural remnants
Re-purposed items
Textiles, and more...

Our goal is to provide you with a unique shopping experience. We offer a fun, friendly atmosphere, reasonably priced items, and we'll even help you pack your car!

Hopefully, this site will give you a glimpse of what we sell. And we hope to see you soon!

Sorry, we know we don't have an email or phone number listed for you to contact us. It's because we're out and about trying to find those treasures to replenish our sales.
Dawn Thimm, Business Owner
Q:You're not open all year are you?
A: Yes, we are. Even though items aren't outside in the winter, we are still open 5 days a month year round.

Q: Why can't I buy this item in the yard now?
A: We spend several days before the sale bringing inventory for the yard setup (and maybe to tease you a bit...). But we want everyone to have the same chance to be able to buy it, which is why we don't have presales before 3pm on the Wednesday of our sales.

Q: The item I want isn't here today, but it was here yesterday. Where is it?
A: Because we are a very fast-paced sale, it is often better to buy it now so you don't lose out on that special item. We do, however, restock daily.

Q: Can you hold this item for me?
A: Except for Wednesdays, we generally 'hold' an item for you for 2 hours.

Q: Will this item be for sale next month?
A: Vendors may have a particular item in their booth for 2 months.

Q: I can't take that furniture today. When can I pick it up?
A: We appreciate you picking up your furniture as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday. And bring plenty of muscle with you as well!

Q: We get a discount on Sundays?
A: Yes, you do! Items will be discounted 10% unless they are already sale priced or are marked 'firm'.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, Visa, or Mastercard We are no longer accepting checks.